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Scripting Multiple-Select List Boxes

<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Multiple-Select Check Boxes</TITLE> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function getSelected(opt) { var selected = new Array(); var index = 0; for (var intLoop = 0; intLoop < opt.length; intLoop++) { if ((opt[intLoop].selected) || (opt[intLoop].checked)) { index = selected.length; selected[index] = new Object; selected[index].value = opt[intLoop].value; selected[index].index = intLoop; } } return selected; } function outputSelected(opt) { var sel = getSelected(opt); var strSel = ""; for (var item in sel) strSel += sel[item].value + "\n"; alert("Selected Items:\n" + strSel); }…

Smart Image Resizer in php. Really simple to use..

FeaturesResizes JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGsIntelligently sharpens for crisp photos at any sizeCan crop based on width:height ratiosCan color-fill transparent GIFs and PNGsBuilt-in caching keeps image variations for optimal performanceRequirementsPHP 5.1.0+ compiled with GD. (You need a version of GD that supportsimageconvolution(), such as the bundled version. Note that on some distributions, the default php-gd package may not be adequate.) DownloadDownload SLIR 2.0 Download Smart Image Resizer v1.4.1
To InstallUnzip on your web serverIn the same directory, create a directory called “imagecache”Make your imagecache directory is writable by the web server (usually chmod 775)TroubleshootingTurn on “display_errors = on” in your php.ini file. Restart Apache and verify with a phpinfo().Try visiting the URL that you are using as the src attribute of your img tag directly in the browser. For example, for example, stick this in your browser’s address bar:…